Do NOT Open If You Are Squeamish…

Just realised I’ve set an email EVERY DAY since Feb 2015

That’s somewhere in the region of 1,200 emails

Now I get that you may not be overly happy about that

Especially if you’re like some of the folk who tell me that I’m
clogging up their inbox (so to speak)

In which case there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this
(and EVERY other) email I send

If you HATE these emails then I suggest you go and click on it
(and you’ll NEVER hear from me again)

(unless you subscribe again… which a lot of fellas do)


Probably because they realise that what I talk about in these
here pearls of wisdom is the EXACT thing you’re looking for

It’s kinda like those actors who leave a soap to go and explore
other avenues

Some of them make it (and have done VERY well)… Jim Robinson
did OK didn’t he 😉

But they are few and far between

Which is when they end up being written back into the show

So if you’re looking for someone to help you get back in shape
without having to spend hours in the gym

* If you want to get STRONGER

* BE Fitter

* Lose a few pounds

* Tighten your belt a couple of notches

All so you can feel fit and strong again

So your clothes fit properly

And you can play footy with the kids in the park without coughing
up a lung and having to sit out the rest of the game

If you’re looking for someone who GETS IT…

^^^ Who was once where you are right now

Not to mention an entire COMMUNITY of fellas who were ALL where
you are right now

Then you’re in the right place dude

And as you’ll see from what I said at the beginning of this email

I’m pretty damn CONSISTENT (which is the ‘secret’ to getting back
in shape by the way)

Doing something CONSISTENTLY gets you results… simple as that

Results that I just mentioned above…

Results like Russ experienced v v v

Strong Dad

If you want to be part of this community then just hit reply and
tell me what you want



p.s. You don’t have to wear budgies by the way…

I think Russ was just so happy with his results that he wanted to
show ALMOST everything



Oh and the unsubscribe link is this way

Just in case you came straight here after the first sentence




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