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What A Difference A Week Makes

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This’ll make you chuckle

A fella left this helpful ‘feedback’ message the other
day (when he unsubscribed)

“No longer interested in exercising”

^^^ Brilliant

So last week he was…

He downloaded my swing book and was all ready to go

And within a week he’d completely changed his mind

No reason why

No request for help (which is what I’m here for)

And ironically I now can’t help him cos he unsubscribed
so I can’t contact him to ask what’s stopping him

This happens more than you’d think (cos you probably
think it’s just you that gives up)

You’ve FINALLY decided that NOW is the time to get in
shape (before it’s too late)

So you start looking for the solution to your lethargy

You find a bunch of information on tinterweb … yet
you still keep searching

Until a week has passed and you’re confused

And in that time you’ve convinced yourself that
everything’s ok as it is

^^^ Which is what happened last year and the year

That’s why I invited you to do my 5 Day Kettlebell Fat

I could just give you the book and HOPE you use it (but
the chances are you won’t)

So I invite you onto a super simple program just to
help you get started

How did you find it?

Did you even do it

If not go back and find the email and give it a go (the
fellas who do tell me it works)

And I’ll even help you out via the ‘Secret’ FB group
(you’ll find out about this when you join the Fat

Thing is though you might just want to dive straight
into one of my more involved programs

Like the STRONG DAD Online Program

If so

Here’s the link to apply


Choose the one which best suits you or your budget

And I’ll get you on the phone for a chat



p.s. If you’re the PT who signed up for the book and
then immediately unsubscribed telling me you’d ‘ask’ if
you wanted me to email you

I hope you got some great ideas from the book and your
clients are getting stronger

You’re welcome 🙂




Peter Lant

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