Did You Get My Call?


I was expecting a few applications after yesterday’s

But not THAT many

I’ve given myself some serious work to do now over the
next couple of days…

So if I haven’t got back to you yet

Be Patient

I have a lot to read through and it’s gonna take a bit
of time…

If (for some reason) you DIDN’T apply

Than I can only assume it’s for one of two reasons

1) You don’t live ANYWHERE near Bath so can’t get

In which case my “5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral” is the
place for you


2) You’re not prepared to commit to getting stronger
fitter and healthier (yet)

Which is cool…

Maybe you just need a bit more time…

^^^ So there are a few of options for you

a) DO NOTHING (in which case why are you even here)?

b) Start my “5 Day Kettlebell Fat Funeral” on Monday


c) Get off the fence and take a chance (cos it will
only eat away at you if you don’t)

I’m gonna let that marinate for a bit…

Mainly cos I’ve got a lot of forms to read though so
have to keep this short

But I just wanted to remind you…

There are only 3 Spaces up for grabs

And the price goes up after this

So again

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

==> CLICK HERE to apply to be part of BKS ‘Live’ where
you get to work with me in person


p.s. Time to brew another coffee and get stuck into
these forms I suppose

I may be calling you soon 😉






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