Did You Get My Call ?

So yesterday I started to make some phone calls

To the fellas (and lady) who applied for the
S T R O N G -> Dad online program

Today I am making a few more

As a result

3 of the spaces are gone (this program isn’t for
everyone so not all who applied got in)

So that leaves 7 spaces (before today’s calls)

So you still have time to apply

But first I have a questions for you…

Cos I had some interesting answers from the fellas (and
lady) I spoke to…

No doubt you’re here because you want to lose some lard
and get fitter stronger and healthier

And you’ve probably got a few goals in mind (based
around how not being in shape might make you feel)

^^^ Which I totally get by the way cos I was in the
same place up until a few years back

Spent 10 long years trying to figure all of this out
for myself…


The goals that you have in mind…

Think about them for a second

Then riddle me this (Batman)

—> What do you see as the biggest obstacles to
achieving these goals?

Just hit reply and tell me

Your email will go straight to me

And I’ll get back to you and try to help you out

Cos from the phone calls yesterday I find that fellas
in general tend to have very little confidence in being
able to achieve their goals

Mainly because they have tried before and failed…

So struggle to see why trying again this time will be
any different

But it is different

Cos I’m here to help you

So go on

Hit reply

I won’t bite


p.s. Had a great questions from Mike yesterday about

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow






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