Did I Upset You?

It would appear someone had a bit of a hissy
fit yesterday

Got their knickers in a knot (so to speak)

I thought it would have been because of the
subject of yesterday’s email

But it would appear not

Considering this fella seemed to have gotten
all offended by the previous FOUR emails…

So either it’s another trainer (yep… there
are some who read these) who got all butt
hurt about my ‘Dear Douchebag’ email

It could be someone who DOESN’T want to know
how to handle the struggles that life throws
at you


It was someone who actually thought I was
asking if they wanted to see my todger (in
which case they’d better have a magnifying
glass handy)

^^^ And hope it isn’t sunny (ouch)

Now I have ZERO problem with this

Cos these emails aren’t for everyone

Which is why I invite you to unsubscribe

Because it’s that simple to switch me off
(and never hear from me again)

So if you want to do that the link is at the

But if you are getting a little bit annoyed
with what I’m saying

If you WANT to unsubscribe but will do that
after you see what I’ve had to say next

Then consider this for a moment

Maybe you’re EXACTLY the person I want to

Cos that’s all I’m doing here my friend

Helping YOU

That’s my job

And I’m even gonna do it for FREE


You can get MORE free daily help in via my
Bulletproof Mindset group

Which you can ask to join here


It’s not for everyone

But that’s cool… cos you can leave any time
you like too

See I’m not trying to help EVERYONE

Just the few fellas that are ready to step up
and get out of the rut they’ve been stuck in
for the last few years

or longer

Cos I was there

I sat at the same desk for TWELVE years

Doing a job I hated (for the last 5 years

That’s a long time my man

And I wish I’d have realised sooner

Which is why I thought I’d give you this
little shove

Cos it’s what I needed

I just didn’t realise it



p.s. My next one day event

Bulletproof Mindset

Is being held on Sat 8 April

At the Percy Centre here in Bath

Couple of spaces have gone already

So you have two choices…

Hit me up and get on board


Hit the unsubscribe link which is down there






Not that one



This one


Open chat