Did I Make You Cry?

^^^ got a bit heavy yesterday’s email didn’t it

I used to HATE talking about this sort of stuff cos I thought I
was the ONLY one who felt like my life was mundane

I thought everyone else was having so much fun… when I was
bored out of my brain doing the same stuff day after day

Until I realised

That’s normal

We ALL have responsibilities




Notice how whenever a list of responsibilities is mentioned
though… there’s ONE thing missing

And in my opinion it’s the most IMPORTANT

Can you guess what it is yet (just realised that’s probably not a
good thing to say any more)




You have a huge responsibility to YOURSELF

Cos if you neglect yourself how are you meant to have enough
energy to help anyone else?

^^^ This was demonstrated to me over a pint one day in the pub

You have a glass with some beer in it

You give some to someone else

Then you have a couple of sips

And give some more away

ALL the while your glass is emptying while you fill other
people’s (who are also drinking theirs)

Until you ALL have empty glasses


If YOU kept on consistently filling your own glass to overflowing
you have plenty to give away

^^^ And the key word there is consistently

A small continuous amount

It doesn’t take much but it makes a HUGE difference

The folk on the Swing Challenge realise this

Even just spending 10 mins doing something for themselves helps
them feel more focused for the day

^^^ Especially if it gets them fitter and stronger at the same

10 Minutes Each Day

That’s all it takes to get started (so what’s stopping you)?

If you struggle with even that though then it’s gonna take a
little bit more than me just telling you to do it

You’re probably gonna need someone breathing down your neck to
make sure you don’t give up

Along with the support of other fellas who started out where you
are right now

Fortunately for you there’s a bunch of these such fellas already
getting fitter stronger and healthier and have been for the last
few months

If you’re interested on finding out more about them there’s a
couple of ways of doing this…

You can read these emails day after day and hear about how
they’re all getting back in shape while having bags more energy
than ever before

^^^ And wish that was you…


You can JOIN them

==> CLICK HERE to apply to join the STRONG DADS



p.s. You’ll be hearing from one of them tomorrow

So stay tuned





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