Dear What’s Your Name

If you’ve read the last couple of emails you should by now have a
clear idea of what you want and why…

Which brings me to the next bit

What to do about it


You could go and chat to someone at a commercial gym where they
won’t care about anything I helped you with yesterday

They’ll happily sign you up for 12 months costing you an arm and
a leg

The next step is for them to mark up another stat on their sales

Then HEY PRESTO… you’re in great shape

From then on you’ll blend in with everyone else in the gym

Having zero idea of what to do

No-one will know who you are (you can just fade into the
background and wait for a treadmill to become free)

Then when you get tired of that (after a month) if you can hack
it that long

You stop going … and hear nothing more from your gym


It’s time to sign up again for another 12 months

–> It works differently here at BKS

We’ll have a chat about exactly what you want to achieve and why
(check yesterday’s email)

^^^ This will be in person or over skype depending on what
package you go for and where you live

We’ll make a plan of what to do

You get access to all of the components of the program (including
the online nutrition system)

I’ll deliver you a program designed FOR YOU to get you the result
YOU want

And I’ll make you a personal guarantee that if you’re not
satisfied with the outcome I will give you your money back

Every penny

I won’t sign you up for 12 months and tie you up in red tape so
it’s impossible to get out of

Cos that’s not really fair

You don’t like it

It’s not for you?

That’s cool … it happens and I’m not here to MAKE you do

But what if it’s EXACTLY what you’re looking for

What if I’m the guy who’s perfectly placed to help you get what
you want

What if

What if?

There’s a simple way to find out dude

==> CLICK HERE to apply to be a STRONG DAD

^^^ Then we can have a chat



p.s. If you didn’t write down what I talked about yesterday

That’s cool

Do it now


Just apply and we can go through it together






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