Dear Douchebag

Have you EVER…

Looked at some of the comments on Farcebook posts

I very rarely look at those on some of mine by the way

But yesterday I made the mistake of clicking a notification
telling me someone had commented on my post giving away the free
101 Swing Workouts book

Here’s what this delightful fella had to say v v v

“God f*cking forbid anyone have an ounce of fat on them”

“Want to get fit? Buy some running shoes and start jogging. Stay
away from these charlatans with their get fit quick b*llocks”

So there you have it… I’m no longer needed…

It’s as simple as that

Go on then…

Off you go

Actually … wait a minute

Do you even LIKE running (a LOT of the fellas I talk to despise

But there’s even more of an issue with this douchebag’s

If you weigh 150kg (as some of the fella I work with do)… then
running is the LAST thing you should be doing

^^^ Unless you want to smash your knees to smithereens that is…

Then there’s the fellas who have knackered hips or buggered

Pounding the streets isn’t exactly gonna help there is it…


This fella is basing this on the fact that running is fine for

As it is for many folk

But not everyone… and that’s cool…

What I do isn’t for everyone… and that’s also cool

But if you’re a fella who wants to get STRONGER

Then running isn’t gonna cut it…

Whereas my STRONG DAD program certainly will

^^^ As you’ve already seen

If you haven’t?

Then the evidence is all here v v v

==> Results from the STRONG DAD program

By the way… one of these fellas ALSO runs… fancy that



p.s. I have nothing else to add





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