Confessions Of A Closet Fatty

Got summink special for you today dude

I’m gonna show you how I can save you a ton
of time

(would have saved me 13 years in my case)

As well as a ton of money

(13 years worth of gym membership is a lot of

Especially when you have NOTHING to show for

^^^ Which is damn frustrating innit

So I have made a couple of videos to help
prevent you from wasting as much time as I

And show you how to get fit strong and
healthy without wasting any more money too…

It’s called…

— Confessions Of A Closet Fatty —

Part 1   10 years in the gym with NOTHING to show for it

Part 2   The Bit People Don’t Talk About

Part 3   Do Or Die


p.s. Some of it may piss you off

And I get that

Cos it pissed me off too at the time

But once I got over my own bullshit

I was able to keep moving without getting
held back by the lies I was telling myself…

^^^ And I want to help you do the same





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