Competition Time

Your kids will love this…

Claire’s do

She started with us a few weeks ago

And was struggling with a couple of

So I gave her homework to do…

Not much

And instead of NOT doing it cos she didn’t
have time…

Instead of blaming it on her kids for needing
her to be there for them…

She turned it into a game

A competition…

And her kids loved it soooo much they made
her do more

Now this was a simple position she had to
hold for 30 seconds or so

But there’s even more benefit if you can hold
it for longer

So she and her kids spent a few hours seeing
who was ‘the best’

That’s quality time with the kids…

Having fun…

It can be done outside

And it helps her get stronger

^^^ And the kids by the way

Win Win Win

You already know what’s coming next right

If you’re using the
excuse that you haven’t got time to get in
shape then you NEVER will

It’s that simple…

And as you’ve seen you can combine ‘time
consuming jobs’

Into fun with all the family…

As it happens…

I’m sitting on the floor (which helps with


As I write this

So I’m working AND getting stronger at the
same time…

I want to show you how you can incorporate
this stuff into your daily life my friend…

With stuff you can do


Any Time

And get you waaaaaay better results than a 12
month gym membership

Unbelievable right…


It’s all here for you my friend…

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p.s. Tomorrow I will tell you how to get rid
of knee pain with a toothbrush…

Electric or manual…






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