Fk You Gym (I’m Done)

I thought I’d try out a new gym yesterday and it was a commercial gym (shock horror)   You may have realised that commercial gyms are my nemesis … I can’t stand the places… but since I hadn’t been to one for a few years I thought I should probably see if my hatred was …

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I Nearly Got Blown Off

Last weekend I was in Newquay… Got there Friday afternoon just in time to see a pretty cool sunset #nofilter (or whatever it is that the kids are saying these days) Anyhoo The weather wasn’t so good on Saturday as Hurricane Oscar decided to pay the Atlantic coast a visit. But that didn’t stop me …

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“Brilliant Concept”

^^^ That’s what one of my mates said yesterday This is a guy who I know from a lot of the strength training courses and certifications over the years (so you could say he knows what he’s talking about) And he’s NAILS So when I posted a picture showing how the BKS Online Nutrition System …

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