Can You Do This?

How ‘fit’ do you need to be?

Serious question

Cos it would appear that there are fellas out there who
think they need to be putting hours of work in to get
any sort of fitness going

Which isn’t true

And seeing as you’ve got kids to look after

As well as the long hours at work

It’s tough to get ANY time to workout

And when you actually do find a few minutes you try to
do as much as possible to burn those extra few calories

(Which only leads to you pulling something and feeling
worse than when you started)

This is why I like to assess fellas before they start

To see where you’re at (cos although you can run a bit
it doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get injured)

Think about the tracking on your car…

If it’s a few mm out then your tyres wear out pretty
damn quickly

^^^ That’s what’s happening to your knees by the way
(and the longer it’s out the more damage you will

Especially when a tyre blows out and you hit a wall

The fellas on the STRONG DAD Online Program know this
only too well

I started a couple of them out where I thought they
were at and they STILL found it tough

So we took a step back so as not to make things worse

And now they’re starting to see the benefits (ok it
takes a bit longer but it means avoiding injury further
down the line)

Without going on about it though try this simple test

If you can do it great

If you can’t… well maybe you’ll need some advice on
what to do next

Let me know how it goes 🙂



p.s. Any problems with it just email me

I’ll get back to you with some help





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