I Can Read Your Mind

But I’m Not strong

I’ve NEVER been strong

So what’s the point in lifting weights when I can just
go for a run

^^^ Read your mind didn’t I

Actually this isn’t some voodoo mind trick I played on

I know this because it’s exactly what I used to think

Until a few years ago I was WEAK (as piss)

And I mean WEAK

Yep I ‘tried’ to lift weights in the gym

But my left shoulder burned when I pressed anything

My knees hurt when I squatted

So rather than addressing these issues and actually
learning how to get strong (as fook)

I gave up and entered a half marathon instead

^^^ Which gave me a sore hip

Yep I did lose weight and get fitter (but I had a tiny
body and a massive head)

And once the Half Mazza was over I just went back to my
old ways

So I put all the beef back on again (repeat repeat

Obviously this was VERY TEDIOUS so I soon got bored

Which was round about the time I started to look into
strength training

I was talking to Dave about this last week

(he’s one of the fellas who comes to the BKS live

He was talking about how he’s never been strong his
whole life

This was just after he’d completed a set of overhead
presses with a 24kg kettlebell

^^^ A 12kg used to hurt his shoulder (so you can call
that some decent progress)

See to get stronger you have to lift weights

But if you do this without knowing how your body works
it will more than likely end up feeling like it’s
causing damage

Which puts you off

And is why I want to help you do this properly

So you can become stronger (safely) as well as dealing
with the pains in your knees hips neck and shoulders

Which means as you get older you feel better

It’s why I have put together my S T R O N G -> Dad
Online program

Which starts on Monday

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Which makes this a huge opportunity for you to finally
get back in shape

So if you truly do want to get stronger fitter an

Without hurting yourself and giving up

With the support of the other guys on the program

And unlimited access to me throughout (cos I want you
to get exactly what you want from this program)

Then NOW is the time to apply

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