Can You Predict The Future?

Bit of motivation for you today my friend

Ok ok

I know I bang on about how motivation is a
load of old pony

How it will ALWAYS run out

But if you can recognise WHY it’s run out

And what you can do about it then you’re
NEVER gonna need it again…

See I posted a video for the Swing Challenge
guys on Monday

(Cos I knew they would be flagging)

They were all raring to go last week

But a week in things are VERY different

(which is when most of us give up)

So I told them all to stop worrying
about how long is left

How this seems like an endless task

And just focus on what happens NOW


See what brought them here…

To look BACK at last Monday

And see how far they’ve come in a week

Cos when we look at what we’ve achieved we
build our confidence

Rather than focusing on the future (which
doesn’t exist yet)

^^^ and allows us to make up stories and
excuses as to why we can’t finish stuff

So I stamped that out for them

And the feedback was brilliant

” Spot on with today’s post Peter. Was a
struggle today managed 15 swings every min
for 10 mins when I got home from work, happy
to get it done “

^^^ That was from Liz

Who wouldn’t have bothered without the
support of the group

(which I’ll talk more about tomorrow)

But if you’re considering joining my Super

As in the fellas who train with me in person

Then you can trial it here

To see if you’ll fit in 😉

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p.s. Or you can carry on by yourself

Which led you here on the first place

in which case you can follow these arrows



to freedom





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