Bye Bye

A sad day is upon us…


A.K.A The Legend that is Mr Russell Brookman

Is leaving us next month…

He’s been a member of BKS for over 3 years…

When he started he had a sore lower back

He couldn’t swing a 20kg bell without feeling a ‘bit of a pinch’

So we started him out slowly



Here’s a video of him doing something rather spectacular

#Repost @brookers1979 (@get_repost)・・・As my time at #bathkettlebellsociety draws to a close I thought I would give you one more hit of the #posterboy 3 bottoms up squats with a 28kg bell each side! #fitness #kettlebells #strong #parklife #bath #royalcrescent #offtobelgium #publandlord #notallheroswearcapes #swinging #squats

Posted by Peter Lant on Tuesday, 25 September 2018


If you think this is something you will NEVER be able to do (you
may be right)

But consider this…

Russ wouldn’t have believed he could do this 3 years ago

The difference is he committed to getting better

Which is all I’m asking you to do dude

You don’t have to buy one of my programs as long as you can
commit on your own and learn from all of my free stuff online

But if you struggle to know what to do even now

If you’re one of those fellas who needs a shove every now and
then to GET IT DONE

Then my STRONG DAD Online program was created for you

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. I’m gonna be throwing a fair few videos your way over the
next week or so…

The stuff these folk are doing is just too good NOT to share

I just have too much to show you (which is a nice thing to have)




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