But It’s Different For Me

Since I joined a gym I’ve noticed a few things… some good…
some not so

Oh by the way… I’m not that big on gyms

I see them as a place where you can rent space and a bunch of
equipment that you have no idea how to use… it’ll get you so
far towards getting in shape but if you’re the same as some of
the fellas I’ve seen in my gym you’re gonna be stopped in your
tracks pretty soon when you blow your knee out or pull your lower

That’s gonna hurt… and may well set you back a good few
years when these injuries just keep on happening

Now I would love to help these guys but I’ve had ‘feedback’ from
approaching someone and offering them a bit of advice (and it’s
rarely good)…

So what do you do about this?

Well… I want to kick off by telling you that it’s NOT because
it’s NOT for you (just in case you think you’re different from
the fellas who ARE in shape)

I know this cos it’s how I used to think (I wasn’t strong when I
was young… in fact I wasn’t strong in my early 30s)

It’s taken me years of practice to gain strength without getting
injured (but don’t worry… it won’t take you as long as it took
me) mainly cos I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years so you
don’t have to

Seriously dude… I reckon I could save you TEN YEARS of
frustration and have you whipped into shape in as little as 3

Now obviously that’s a bold statement but the fellas whom I’ve
helped over the years have experienced this first hand (which is
why they stay)

See getting in shape isn’t just something you do for 3 months
then stop (cos you know exactly what will happen)

Yep you guessed it… you’ll just go back to where you were…

But with my help you’ll learn how to STAY in shape (without
having to spend hours working out) … you don’t have to give up
your life for it

In fact I’ll show you how to slot it into your life seamlessly

So in 3 months time you won’t feel embarrassed about taking your
top off on the beach

Just a quick aside… when I was chubby I didn’t mind taking my
top off and going for a dip… UNTIL I saw a picture of me doing
just that and hated it

Which is why I finally decided I’d had enough

And if you feel the same then let me help you

By showing you exactly how on my 14 day trial

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