Give Me Just ONE Day To Show You How Busy, Tired, Out Of Shape Fellas Who're Sick Of The 'Daily Grind' Are Doing Fewer Hours At Work While Spending More Time With Family & Friends (and how YOU can do the same before you burn-out)

Bulletproof Mindset

This one day event to be held in Bath on Sat 8 April is where I will show you how to:

  • Eliminate the fear of fucking up (forever) so you don't waste any more time or money on pointless 'feel good' shit you don't want or need
  • Demolish doubt when you feel like no-one supports you and you're doing things on your own by developing a concrete mindset so you don't give up at the first sign of struggle
  • Discover the ability to stay super cool while there is chaos all around you so you continue to make the right choices with zero panic
  • Recognise a current struggle as an opportunity to grow and become more powerful so you can develop cast-iron courage when the shit hits the fan

​This isn't just another fluffy workshop where you'll get a few 'ideas' to write down and forget about

You will leave with the EXACT formula that busy fellas like you have used to crush your fear of failure so you can "create space & time" to develop a bulletproof mindset to avoid burning out

Here's what a couple of the fellas who came to the last one day event had to say

The Bulletproof Mindset session provided an excellent and welcome opportunity to review your personal and current thinking and how one approaches setting goals to enhance your relationship with your family, friends, professional life, fitness and health and most of all you. The seminar I attended created space and time for something that we often forget about....thinking about how and why we do things and our approach to achieving goals associated with this. I took away a lot of value that could be applied immediately in my life, and would recommend it to anyone who is reviewing where their life currently is and looking to the future.

Dave Voss

Bulletproof Mindset A relaxed, enjoyable and thought provoking day. Peter is an excellent presenter and the the ideas and strategys the he puts forward are easy to grasp. In the past i would have been uncomfortable about going to something like this, am i going to be asked to stand up in front of everyone and say something? Forced to do ideas workshops etc. etc. But it wasnt like that at all! There was plenty of relaxed discussion amongst the group on each topic and everyone pitched in at some point with ideas and experiences of their own. Its definately given me some new ways to think about old problems that have been bugging me for years and I’m confident that i can implement the strategys which Peter explained in order to achieve the short, medium and longterm goals i have set for myself. Highly recommended

Mark Furnevall

The Bulletproof mindset. Didn't really know what to expect when i turned up to this seminar with Peter . Although I knew it was going to be very professionally run and I certainly was not disappointed . The atmosphere was very relaxed with no pressure applied or people put in awkward situations . The group tasks were explained very well and enjoyed by all. The day certainly gave me a lot of food for thought , not only how I can move forward with my fitness but also my business and personal life . I especially liked the 90 day goal plan and the explanation of the DRIFT effect .I highly recommend The Bulletproof mindset to anyone .

Paul Hurley

  • Spend less time at work (so you have more time with the family)
  • Fire up your relationships with your family and friends (so you're not constantly apologising to the kids for not being there)
  • Create space and time to think (so you don't end up sleepwalking into more decisions you'll only regret in the future)
  • Have more time for YOURSELF (so you can do the things you've been putting off for years to please everyone else)
  • Get fitter, stronger & healthier (without having to do stupid amounts of exercise)
  • Crush overwhelm from being so burnt-out all the time

If all of this sounds like EXACTLY what you need then here's the details

Sat 8th April

9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Venue:  Percy Community Centre, New King Street, Bath, BA1 2BN

This is a FREE event however....

It takes a lot of time and effort to put these sorts of events together...  so MAKE SURE you're available to attend before you book your spot

Only 20 spaces available for men who're finally ready to leave fear at the door and go -->   ALL IN