Bro Swore At Me

Got a text from me bro this week

My actual bro… not like a gym bro (not comfortable with calling
people bro to be honest)

Unless it’s my actual bro… as in my sibling


My actual bro does a lot of cycling… and I mean a LOT

He’s 6 years older than me but would wipe the floor with me when
it comes to two wheels

He’ll regularly go out and cycle 100 miles (which makes my arse
numb just thinking about it)

So you could say he’s fit

Then I got this text from him

“Did some swings this morning… Only used 10kg and did 20 each
arm. F*ck me it’s hard work innit”

^^^ Sounds like summink I’d say dunnit…

But then he is my (actual) bro… so we have similar
mannerisms… (although I got to keep my hair) 🙂

Now I get that there are a lot of people out there who are good a
running, biking, swimming … or whatever

And that’s great… crack on

But if you’re getting sore doing it I’m willing to bet there’s
some strength missing (as well as some mobility)

Which is what I can help you with…

It’s what I do (and do very well I might add)

Most of the fellas who are part of my online training groups go
biking or running…

And they’ve ALL found that strength work has helped hugely in
keeping them free from injury

It doesn’t take long to get in a good couple of workouts during
the week

Which will make your weekend outings more rewarding (and less

You WON’T bulk up (so don’t worry about getting slower)

But you WILL get stronger … which makes EVERYTHING easier

And if your not into all of this endurance stuff…

Well strength training is a great place to start getting in shape

So you CAN maybe decide to do something that challenges you in
the future

It’s all here waiting for you dude

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. I get that you might be sceptical …

So check out the testimonials on the BKS FB Page







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