“Brilliant Concept”

^^^ That’s what one of my mates said yesterday

This is a guy who I know from a lot of the strength training
courses and certifications over the years (so you could say he
knows what he’s talking about)

And he’s NAILS

So when I posted a picture showing how the BKS Online Nutrition
System works (you get access to this when you join BKSIC by the

This picture v v v


He left that comment

“Brilliant concept”

And he’d be right

I replied obviously

“For people who struggle with nutrition I find that getting them
to ‘track’ even if it’s via MFP is really hard… especially when
they’ve never even tried to do this before

If you think … it’s gonna take up to 30 mins per day adding
stuff into MFP (and for folk who have very little time this is a
big deal)

This system bypasses all of that… it’s a simple drag and drop
of meals into a menu for the day/week… then you hit a button
and it emails you the ingredients so you can go shopping…”

MFP is My Fitness Pal by the way… just in case you were

See I get that you don’t have much time dude (and that the last
thing you want to be thinking about is what you’re gonna be
eating for the week)

But that’s part of the problem… you decide at the very last
moment so just reach for whatever’s easiest (which is rarely the
most nutritious of meals)

Which is why the BKS Online Nutrition System has been designed to
make this as simple as possible for you

Obviously the picture (while it LOOKS great) doesn’t really SHOW
you how well this thing works

Which is why I made this video for you

I know… great innit

And as I said earlier… you get this as part of the BKSIC
Monthly Online Program

^^^ Now I was gonna tell you that this is my cheapest program (at
only £30 per month)

But then I don’t like that word cheap (cos it implies it’s not
very good) but as you’ll know by now if you’ve seen any of the
results we’ve produced here at BKS both online and in person

^^^ And if you haven’t seen them… Where have you been???

So I’m gonna tell you that it made me feel bad that there were
folk out there who wanted similar results to what my more
expensive ‘hands on’ personally designed programs deliver

Which is why I designed this program to be as accessible as I
could make it (seriously £30 per month for the amount of stuff
there is within the realms of the BKS Inner Circle is practically
daylight robbery)

I may very well come to my senses at some point and charge what
it’s actually worth (but then I don’t want to put you off dude)

Which is why it’s staying at this price even though it’s been
severely upgraded and made even easier to follow

There’s not much more I can do to help you to be honest (it’s ALL
there laid out in front of you)

So what do you say…

Are you willing to give it a little try?

If you don’t like it you can just cancel straight away and I
won’t be offended

I just want you to see what you’ve been missing out on…

By the end of today you could have your login details for the
Member’s Area (as well as registered for the nutrition system)

You’ll have downloaded the BKS App

And by tonight you’ll have watched a few of the videos and maybe
even had a go at one of the sessions…


==> Check out BKSIC Here



p.s. Any questions just ask dude

Like Alistair did yesterday (and I got straight back to him with
a load of helpful info)

It’s what I do dude

I help fellas like you to get back in shape



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