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Brand Spanking New Feature

kettlebell bath

New Feature for you today my friend

See I’ve decided to put myself out there a
bit more…

Cos these emails aren’t working…

You read em and don’t take action

And that’s my fault

So to remedy that I thought you might want to
see and hear about what goes on round here…

Here you go

Grab a cup of coffee and get stuck into this
weeks’s live feeds

 #1 – I’m full of shit

#2 – Oops – What’ve I done

#3 – Can procrastination be a good thing? <–
the answer will surprise you on this one

#4 – WHY? (the whole purpose behind what we
do here)

#5 – Do you enjoy what you do? (in all
aspects of life)

Should get you fired up ready for the week



p.s. Bulletproof Mindset is THIS SATURDAY

If you want in you’d best be quick

Bulletproof Mindset

If you want out it’s this way

Either way just do something





Peter Lant

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