Bloke Eats Loads And Doesn’t Gain Weight

Got a question from Mike

Which I thought was interesting

Cos considering where you might be at right now I
thought it would help you

He sent this after I posted a picture of my breakfast
the other day (moment of weakness)

“How do you lift yet eat so very little calories? “

^^^ Now before I carry on I should let you know

I ended up having a back and forth with Mike over email
as he is VERY interested in lifting heavy stuff

And clearly knows a thing or two…


You may very well not be

Which brings me to my point…

Mike wanted to know how I eat so few calories yet don’t
waste away

So I can only assume he underestimated the number of
calories in the picture

^^^ Which is VERY common…

The meal in the picture had approximately 1,200


Bloke east loads and doesn’t gain weight

But that was just a snapshot of my day

See I am really rubbish at portion control (and that
doesn’t mean I struggle to keep my portion in my pants)

I like to eat A LOT

So I just eat 2 BIG meals a day (and have a smaller
snack in between)

So that breakfast was almost HALF of my daily calorie
intake (but it kept me full for hours)

This is why I’m very sceptical of the fad diets out

The ones that tell YOU how YOU should eat (because it
works for EVERYONE)

Which is bullshit

Cos everyone is different

This way of eating works for me (but it may not for

And that’s cool

But I find that most folk out there underestimate the
number of ’empty’ calories they consume during the day

-> Cans of fizzy drink

-> The odd ‘healthy’ snack bar that’s full of
ingredients you’ve never heard of

-> Those small bite sized flapjack thingys when it’s
someone’s birthday in the office (which is pretty much
EVERY day)

I also find that folk eat when they think they should
just cos it’s a designated mealtime

When it gets to 12 noon you start to think about what
to have for lunch

Even though you’re not hungry (but everyone else is
eating so you probably should too right)

Well I haven’t had lunch for years (which is great cos
it means I can smash a mahoosive breakfast every damn


What works for you (do you know?)

Or do you just grab stuff when you can?

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” I eat like a child “

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