What’s The BEST Diet

kettlebell bath

^^^ Get asked this all the time So I made this video to help you v v v CLICK THIS VIDEO ^^^ That’s a link to click by the way… And speaking of which I have another one for you One that will help you even more FOR FREE ^^^ Yep I’ve gone mental Which […]

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What Do You Have To Do

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^^^ Been asked that a few times So I thought I’d put this together for you https://bathkettlebellsociety.co.uk/swing-challenge Everything you need to know is right there You can even see what the fellas who’ve done previous challenges had to say… If you want in … just follow the link https://bathkettlebellsociety.co.uk/swing-challenge Peter p.s. If not? Then if […]

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Are You Cack Handed?

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I know I am Especially my arms My right is waaaay stronger than my left And not cos of that ^^^ Hope you don’t need me to explain that one… But if you are stronger on one side Which means you do EVERYTHING with one arm Or leg Then this is gonna cause problems for […]

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Want To Get In Shape By Christmas?

bath kettlebell society

What’s the key to success Could be a lot of things But I find that Consistency trumps everything Which is why I found this funny When a fella unsubscribed with this message “Too many emails” From someone who’d been receiving them for FIVE DAYS And considering I’ve sent (at least) one a day For the […]

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“I Feel Rubbish Today”

bath chronicle

^^^ That’s what Claire said last week She was a bit under the weather So she ‘took it easy’ Meaning She just did the 500 Swings 50 of em with a 32kg Bell 75 with a 28kg 125 with a 24kg 250 with a 16kg ^^^ Because she wasn’t feeling at her ‘best’ Now that’s […]

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I’d Like An Argument Please


^^^ This could be you dude You may recognise exactly when you do this… When you end up arguing with the missus Or having a go at the kids for no reason… Anyhoo Here’s a video to explain more clearly Just click on the text below I’d Like An Argument Please Peter p.s. If you […]

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Struggle To Get In Shape?

Bath Kettlebell Bootcamp

My brain hurts… Mainly cos I’ve had a thought It’s rare I know… But I realised that I haven’t sent you a video for a while… You know the ones… The Daily Dynamite videos Where I give you a little pearl of wisdom… Something you can apply RIGHT NOW To get you stronger, fitter, faster […]

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60 Year Old Man Lifts 12 TONS

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The fellas here at BKS never cease to amaze me Or themselves (I might add) And last week was certainly no exception I was chatting with Rob after the lunchtime session last Friday And he told me a story ————— He was on holiday with his wife a few years back And she wanted to […]

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