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Who Says Getting Back In Shape And Becoming Ludicrously Strong Has To Be Difficult?   (Hint.... It Doesn't)

Once inside my Inner Circle you'll get all of my most Effective & Exclusive strength forging, endurance building workouts 

I have worked with hundreds of fellas over the years getting them outstanding results... 

So what I wanted to do was make this accessible to MORE fellas like you (which is why I'm inviting you to try BKSIC for 14 Days FOR FREE)

Working with me in my groups can be expensive so I started my "Inner Circle" where you can get Instant access to my BEST programs as well as  support from the other fellas in the small but private members area (WITHOUT having to enter any card details)

Everything you need to torch lard FAST including :

  • Monthly 'strength forging' workouts you can do at home (that'll make it easier to keep up with your kids)
  • Instant access to the BKS Inner Circle App and Member's Area where you can start getting back in shape Immediately (PLUS access to the private group where you can meet the other fellas on the program and show them your support ... as they will for you)... it's always great working with friends with a common goal
  • Powerful strategies to keep your motivation and mindset in check so you don't give up (where you have in the past)
  • Access to my BEST programs that I 'personally use' to keep myself strong and lean (with PROVEN results)
  • The BKS Easy To Use Online Nutrition System (check out the picture below), this system has over 700 recipes that have all been analysed by a UK Registered Dietician... this means that this system is fool-proof... all you do is stick to the number of 'points' for the week (no need to count calories)
  • Delivered to your phone, tablet or laptop via the BKS Member's Area and via the BKS App

Check Out The BKS App

"Here's what the fellas are saying in the private group"

Just click the blue button to check out the 'Secret' Group where the other fellas will tell you about their experience 

Here's how the 14 day online trial works

Week 1 - Learn the Kettlebell Swing (the exercise known as the "Athlete Builder")

I'll teach you the Kettlebell Swing from the very beginning so you can use this awesome exercise to it's full effect making you stronger, fitter and more resilient...

PLUS some simple programs to help you master the swing

Week 2 - The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is simple and effective when gaining strength and mobility

Combined with the Kettlebell Swing you'll soon build buns of steel and your fitness will sky rocket (and that's just by the end of week 2)

If you decide to subscribe after Week 2 you will learn the rest of the 'Big Six' Kettlebell Exercises (Clean, Press, Snatch, TGU) to obtain a full understanding of how to use the kettlebell to build strength, endurance and mobility

After that you open up a choice of programs depending on your goals:

Strength - These programs are designed to help you tie your body together creating all over body strength (or every day strength) which makes every day tasks much easier

You can also decide whether you want to focus on upper / lower body or core strength

Endurance - If you're a runner, rower cyclist or triathlete these programs will complement your current training

Or if you just want to get fitter and aren't that into endurance then the quick burst sessions are just what you need

Mobility - Without mobility it's impossible to build strength or endurance effectively

ALL of the programs have an element of mobility to keep you moving well (now and forever more) but should you need to focus solely on mobility before you start to build strength then these are the programs for you

So You Have A Simple Choice To Make Right Now...

You can continue to waste your time and money on ridiculous fad diets, crazy workout programs that promise the world and other gimmicky weight loss solutions... Or you can get access to my Inner Circle program and get everything you need to finally get back in shape for good and feel great...

Now if you wanted to come along to the 'live' sessions with me personally it would cost you upwards of £197 per month

But now... thanks to the power of the world wide web and online video you can access all of my best programs whenever and wherever you like... (for FREE for 14 days)

There's no obligation to do anything after that but should you decide to continue it's a £30 per month subscription (Cancel Any Time)...  

You get to choose the appropriate program for you every single month so you never get bored while you become stronger and fitter than anyone you know

It's almost like 'stealing' the information it's taken me years to learn... 

So you can take the hard road and carry on trying to discover all of this for yourself...

Or you can take the easy path and try out my Inner Circle right now by clicking the button below

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