BKSIC Back Issues - Bath Kettlebell Society


November 2016 - How to build super stamina and grip strength to improve ALL of your lifts and a simple 'trick' to keep the lard away

December 2016-   The 10k swing challenge (how to strip away body fat in just 4 weeks with this VERY SIMPLE program)


January 2017-How to build more lean muscle to give you even more strength than you thought imaginable (so you can eat whatever you like for a month)

February 2017-Fat Burning Complexes you can insert into any program

March 2017-My own personal SFG1 Prep Program (this was the program that sky rocketed my strength in only 2 months)

April 2017-How to build the strength of a Gladiator… and learn about the 4 Pillars of success in weight loss

May 2017- Improve your snatch technique… and how to develop a growth mindset so you NEVER give up (even when you have ZERO willpower)

June 2017-The press program that got me to pressing my Half Bodyweight (36kg) bell comfortably (and how you can do the same)   - PART 1 of 2

July 2017-June 2017 press program continued PLUS a super simple concept that’ll accelerate your fat loss while keeping you super strong… And if that’s not enough… THE BEST mobility section to date (this is worth getting just for the mobility alone)...

Aug 2017-The power of 25… How to do the perfect squat while making you stronger in EVERYTHING else with this ONE exercise…

Sep 2017-The ‘secret’ moves that will save you from future (or current) pain AND how to get super strong playing cards (yes cards… jokers included)

Oct 2017-Easy / Medium / Hard workouts with a bit of randomness thrown in (just to keep it interesting) so you can build real              S T R E N G T H

Nov 2017-The EXACT snatch program that got me to snatching the 32kg kettlebell (so far) with ease…. This program will massively improve your explosive power and make you SUPER strong

Dec 2017-101 Kettlebell Swing Workouts… need I say more… except these workouts will help you forge Buns Of Purest STEEL


Jan 2018 - The squat variation that will give you super strong knees plus the lard busting snatch workout that'll burn more calories in 5 minutes than any running will EVER do

Feb 2018 - The Mobility issue... how to save your shoulders from impending doom and why mobility matters even if you think everything is working well for you right now

Mar 2018 - Accessory moves to build more strength without having to use heavy bells plus the ONE move you should be doing to keep your shoulders healthy

Apr 2018 - The ultimate Kettlebell challenge... plus some 'sexy' moves to keep you strong and moving well while looking awesome

May 2018 - One Legged strength to help with all of your lower body movements plus the BEST hip stretch ever

Jun 2018 - BKS Club 100 - The program you'll need to get to 100 snatches non-stop... AND become a member of the Club 100 hall of fame PLUS an exclusive Club 100 T-Shirt (which have to be EARNED)... Do you have what it takes?