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Kettlebell Ultimate!

You've already seen a very small part of what Kettlebell Ultimate! can deliver... so what happens next?

As well as learning the rest of the 'Big Six' Kettlebell Exercises (Clean, Press, Snatch, TGU) you will have access to hundreds of programs designed to show you how to use kettlebells to build strength, endurance and mobility

​There are infinite ways to use kettlebells to ​keep you in shape so you will never get bored...

STRENGTH - These programs are designed to help you tie your body together creating all over body strength (or every day strength) which makes every day tasks much easier

You can also decide whether you want to focus on upper / lower body or core strength

ENDURANCE - If you're a runner, rower cyclist or triathlete these programs will complement your current training

Or if you just want to get fitter and aren't that into endurance then the quick burst sessions are just what you need

MOBILITY - Without mobility it's impossible to build strength or endurance effectively

ALL of the programs have an element of mobility to keep you moving well (now and forever more) but should you need to focus solely on mobility before you start to build strength then these are the programs for you

Now all that's left to do is subscribe below to open up the entire Kettlebell Ultimate! exercise library

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