Can't Make Our 'In-Person' Sessions? No Problem..

..Here's How To Get Back In Shape In Just 20-30 mins Per Day From Anywhere..

..With our 28 Day ONLINE Challenge

"I just finished the week at 90kg so a loss of 2kg this week with BKS Inner Circle. I'm really pleased with that" - Paul Smith, BKSIC 28-Day Challenger

Working with me in my groups can be expensive for some so I started my online "28 Day Challenge" where you can get Instant access to my BEST programs as well as  support from the other fellas in the small but private members area (WITHOUT spending a fortune).

Everything You Get With The 28 Day Online Challenge

  • In Depth Instructional Videos breaking down every step of the program so there is no confusion with any questions answered quickly via the Instant Messenger Group
  • Daily 'strength forging' workouts you can do at home (that'll make it easier to keep up with your kids)
  • Instant access to the BKS Inner Circle App and Member's Area where you can start getting back in shape Immediately (PLUS access to the private group where you can meet the other fellas on the program and show them your support ... as they will for you)... it's always great working with friends with a common goal
  • Powerful strategies to keep your motivation and mindset in check so you don't give up (where you have in the past)
  • Access to my BEST programs that I 'personally use' to keep myself strong and lean (with PROVEN results)
  • The BKS 28 Day Challenge Cookbook to help you plan your meals each week, including a barcode for each recipe so you can scan them into My Fitness Pal FAST and save a ton of time
  • Delivered to your phone, tablet or laptop via the BKS Member's Area and via the BKS App
  • Access To The Challenge WhatsApp Group: doing challenges with friends is always easier (and more enjoyable). You and the other fellas will help to motivate each other via the Instant Messenger Group 

Want A 'Sneak Peek'?

Here's Our BKS Inner Circle Online Program App. 

A Deeper Look Into What The 28 Day Challenge program looks like. 

All You Need Is Access To A Kettlebell And The Willingness To Work

All of this (and everything outlined above) costs only £49 for the entire program (including personal coaching from me, access to the Member's Area & Phone App, the BKS cookbook and access to the messenger group where you can contact me at any time).

And if you follow the program and don't get the results you were after? I'll refund every penny. 

What Results Have Others Gotten?

The 28 Day Challenge with Pete is straightforward, it doesn’t make promises it can’t keep and is a head to toe programme.

The support and checking in is a massive motivator, especially in those 4 weeks when change is at its hardest. I now have a ‘habit’ which has come about by making adjustments, some big, some small, which have all added up to great progress and hopefully laying the foundations for the days/weeks/months/years ahead.

The nutrition system is easy to follow and actually made me wise up a bit about portion sizes and what I was sticking in my gob. I’m really into the idea that I can save up calories and have a ‘bad’ day without it trashing my week (cos I’d always use that as an excuse to give up).

Could I have found all this info on my own? Possibly. But I didn’t, and I certainly never did anything about it. Just as I lean on others, and them me, when it comes to my sobriety, now I have a program for my health and wellbeing. I can’t tell you what a relief that is and how much freer I feel. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Ben Anderson 39yrs

I found out I was going to a new job and needed to get some rid of some weight so I decided to try the online ‘Ditch the Dad Bod’ programme Peter was offering.  

 What I found was an easy and compact programme that I could fit around my day, backed up with an extensive digital library of how to do each move.  The mobility work included has made a real difference but the unexpected benefit was the goal setting, it really made me think about why I wasn’t achieving my targets and how to rectify it.  

Managed through WhatsApp, Peter was always available to answer questions and by taking videos on my phone, technique feedback was quickly provided and my swing improved.        

 What really made the difference though was the competition of the challenge.  That little extra motivation led to me losing 5kg and 8cm off my waist in 28 days.  Everyone has noticed and it has changed my approach to how I train and manage my time.

 Give it a go, you might be surprised.

Ben Thomas 43yrs

Where do I start? For £50, you've helped me achieve something that countless uninspiring Personal Trainers before you (all of which charged me a lot more than that) failed to do and that is to quite simply help me to make exercise a habit.

I've found something I enjoy & the 28 Day Challenge made it so easy, getting my gym gear on, walking down to the industrial estate and lifting a few KB's in the local Crossfit gym is now something I do 4 - 5 times a week, on autopilot. 

No questions - I know it's only an hour out of my day MAX (including the 10 min walk there and back) and it's fun! Don't even think twice about it now. 

You know I didn't join you to lose weight, but I have. However I'm a lot more defined, which is great. My shoulders look bigger, my moobs have shrunk and I have some semblance of of visible abs poking out.

Strength wise - this has been the most exciting. I started 'swinging' with a 12kg kettlebell. After 4 weeks, I'm now able to swing 32kg although for most workouts I'm sitting around 24kg. I can press 20KG over my head with one arm, something which I never thought I'd be able to do. 

The biggest benefit? Stress relief. I know when I haven't done my session, because anxiety creeps back in (I'm prone to it) and I'm easily irritated. If I take the time to do that 20 - 30 mins with the kettlebells, I'm nicer to be around, my interactions with people flow smoothly and I'm happier and calmer in myself.

I've loved it

Steve 45yrs

Zero Financial Risk


You're either over the moon with the amount of flab you've lost, the amount of muscle you've built and how much strong and more powerful you feel OR I'll refund every penny you paid. Can't say fairer than that, can I? 

I can only be this confident because I've been using this 'minimalist' type approach for years and its transformed me and countless other men. Try it and see.  

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