BKS Is Closed

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to tell you this

But the applications for the BKS ‘live’ sessions in the park are
(almost) closed

I currently have space for only FOUR more fellas

After that?


You can still apply (but you’ll go onto a waiting list)

The reason for this?

I like to keep the groups small

This way you get the benefit of my expertise without having to
compete for my attention in a huge crowd of sweaty bodies

While also having a good laugh with the other fellas (who ALL
have a great sense of humour)

In fact… A great sense of humour is a prerequisite to joining

Cos there are enough miserable folk out there… Just look in the
‘comments’ section on any Farcebook post

So if that sounds like you (the sense of humour bit that is)

If these emails

Or any of my videos

Put even a little wry smile in the corner of your mouth

Then You’ll absolutely LOVE the BKS ‘Live’ Sessions

^^^ Oh… and you’ll get STRONG as fook too

==> Apply to join BKS ‘Live’



p.s. If these emails repulse you…

Then you’ll hate being part of ANY of my programs

So it’s probably best to just do-one

And leave a snotty comment on a Farcebook post…

Unsubscribe is this way v v v



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