BKS’ Biggest Loser

I may have mentioned this before…

I’ve helped hundreds of fellas get back in shape

But this fella…


He lost 8 stone

^^^ But that isn’t the best bit

He also went from taking 12 pills per day down to just ONE

Now that’s life changing

I was reminded of this when a memory appeared in my Farcebook
feed (great little feature that)

So when this popped up v v v

Posted by Peter Lant on Saturday, 9 June 2018

It made me feel pretty damn good

Probably not as good as this fella though… that’s a LOT of

And some of them are strong too

But they’re no longer needed because it’s all back to normal

And this fella…

Makes me feel proud

Especially as he’s running a marathon in October

Now I’m not gonna lie… he had to leave BKS… Mainly to focus
on his running (which he does a LOT of and LOVES)

Which is cool

I was just glad to be there at the start of it all… to help out

To be proud of all of the other fellas at BKS who supported him
along the way…

They ALL made it happen

And I truly love spending my life helping these guys get fitter
and stronger

If you want to know how to join them

Just hit me up and ask…

Not in Bath?… no worries

We can help you out online too…

==> CLICK HERE to Apply to be a STRONG DAD
(and see a picture of what 8 tone weight loss looks like)



p.s. If you’re happy to keep on popping pills though

That’s cool

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