The Best One Yet

The theme of this month’s BKSIC is all about
saving YOU time

I know you’re busy

And I know you don’t have much time to look
after yourself

I get it…

I was the same

Until I learned the tools tips and tricks so
I can remain strong and mobile while still
getting everything that life throws at me

And I’m gonna show you how to do the same

It’s all in here for you dude…

Here’s just some of what you’ll experience:

* What to do to avoid overwhelm so you don’t
do too much and get injured

* How to keep things simple (but not easy) so
you keep getting stronger without ever
burning out

* How to prevent injury (while still getting

* How you can learn from me ‘live’ online
(for free)

* When to do mobility (not when you think) so
you can keep moving even when you’re an old

* How to keep getting strong without having
to ‘do extra’ – with this simple time saving

* The secret to never having to do a boring
warm-up (which take up most of your workouts
and are annoying)

* How to get stronger playing cards (Jokers

* Some good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll
(you’ll see what I mean)

* Do ONLY what you need to do and nothing
more (and why that matters when you have
limited time)

* Why accountability and association with
fellas like you matters (so you know you’re
part of a team)

This may just be the best BKSIC yet…

I’m rather proud of this one…

And I’ve learned so much over the last 6
months that I couldn’t squeeze it all in here

So the next few months are gonna be a good

Now I know you’re asking

‘How do I get in’


You click this link v v v


p.s. Best do it now though dude

Cos it goes out soon






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