Bend Over

So I had an MOT this week

Cos I’m old

Didn’t have to touch me toes though so that
was a relief (if you get my drift)

^^^ If you haven’t realised yet

When you reach 40 you get a free NHS

Thing is though

I went pretty much knowing that it would be

But fellas who’re out of shape

Who know that they’re gonna get told off by
the doctor

THOSE are the fellas who ignore this stuff

Who keep lying to themselves…

What you don’t know won’t hurt you…

^^^ Are you one of these?

Are you scared of what you might find out?

The way I see it…

It’s better to know what you need to work on

Than just assume everything is ok

You do this for your car so why not for

^^^ Which I would say is waaaaay more
important than your car…

(probably cos I don’t own one)

And speaking of lying to yourself

And others

I think this is the first time I actually
told the truth about the number of units of
alchohol I drink each week

Which is substantially less than it was 10
years ago (although the doctor thinks it’s
the same)

Cos I lied 10 years ago

^^^ Don’t say you haven’t done that one

Few things for you to think about there…

Get checked out…

Find out what you need to get hold of in
order to keep you fitter stronger and

Stop lying about what you eat and drink

And start my Online Lard Buster


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p.s. You can buy a few pills to help you

And remain on them for the rest of your life
(plus more in the future)


You can do it through honest to goodness
common sense…

Which is waaaay cheaper in the long run

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