“Before I Waste Your Time”

^^^ I got this in a text after a fella applied for the STRONG DAD

I was arranging to call him but he wasn’t sure about the price
(it’s not cheap after all)

But then the best things rarely are…

Yet this was unfortunately the deciding factor

And while I’d LOVE to be able to help you for free (and regularly
do by adding mobility drills into the ‘Secret’ BKS Farcebook

Along with answering any questions or concerns you may have

I still need to make a living (after all this is my Full Time job
and I have bills to pay)


This fellas asked what was involved…

I thought I would give YOU the answer I gave him just in case you
were also wondering the same…


It’s Tailored to YOUR goals

There’s an option where you get an initial assessment via Skype
and then I build your program based around that… (Which will
take into account your past injuries to ensure they don’t happen
again) You get support via the Facebook Group along with email
support every week

You also get access to the BKS App where you can view your
program from any device anywhere

The next level up gives you access to the Nutrition System and
you get a movement assessment via Skype along with the support
from the fist option and video support to help with any technique

The last option gets you all of the above plus fortnightly Skype
calls and access to the WhatsApp group where you can ask me
anything at any time while benefiting from the support of the
other guys in there too You also get food diary analysis

These are all based on guaranteed results… if you follow the
program and aren’t happy with your results then you get your
money back


If that all makes sense then you have all of the information you
need right now to make a decision

If you want to talk further

Just apply and we can have a chat

==> Apply to be a STRONG DAD



p.s. Got a great comment from an unsubscribe this week

Will tell you about it tomorrow






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