Be Like Dave

So while I was away I climbed a mountain…

I say climbed… there was a clear path

But it wasn’t until a few days later that I realised how much
easier this made the ascent

I went up Ben Nevis (which is 1,345m)

A few days later I was on the isle of Lewis

Where I went up Mealaisbhal… which is only 574 metres


There was NO PATH… it started out as a peat bog which then
turned into a scramble over rocks

As you can see v v v

kettlebell bath


It took less than half the time to get up than Ben Nevis but it
was WAY harder

Which reminded me of when I decided to get in shape

I tried for years on my own with no clear path (and got nowhere)

It wasn’t until I started to spend some time with world class
coaches (who showed me the path that had been laid out by many
before them)

^^^ This was when everything fell into place…

The road to getting stronger fitter and healthier became much

I could see the path to the top

It’s the path I have shown to the guys here at BKS

Dave was just saying yesterday that a year ago he could only
dream of being as strong as he is now

So it’s fortunate for him that he decided to do the 14 day trial
back in May 2017

Because the path was laid out and he followed it

Which is exactly what you can do

If you’ve spent many frustrating years trying to get in shape
with zero results

Then maybe it’s time to try something that’s been PROVEN to work

==> CLICK HERE to join the 14 day trial

Only 2 spaces left dude



p.s. Got a video for you tomorrow to show you what these guys
get up to…






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