Banish Knee Pain With A Toothbrush

You’re a pink toothbrush

I’m a blue toothbrush

Have we met somewhere befoooooore….

^^^ Who sang that then…

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If not then don’t worry…

I won’t hold it against you…


How DO you get rid fo knee pain with a

Simples my dude

Presumably you brush your teef twice a day…

(if you don’t then you stink…)

Have a tic tac

If you do…

The stand on one leg when you brush…

Right in the morning

Left in the evening

It’s harder than you think

If you wanna add a bit more ‘danger’

Then alternate your hands too (that’s REALLY
hard to do)

When I started brushing with my left hand my
shoulder ached

Holding a toothbrush

So hoisting a weight above my head probably
wasn’t a very good idea

Seriously dude

Try it

And see what happens…

Just try not to spit toothpaste everywhere
when you start laughing…


p.s. You should probably floss too by the






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