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Fk You Gym (I’m Done)

I thought I’d try out a new gym yesterday and it was a commercial gym (shock horror) You may have realised that commercial gyms are my nemesis … I can’t stand the places… but since I hadn’t been to one for a few years I thought I should probably see if my hatred was well founded… And […]

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I Nearly Got Blown Off


Last weekend I was in Newquay… Got there Friday afternoon just in time to see a pretty cool sunset #nofilter (or whatever it is that the kids are saying these days) Anyhoo The weather wasn’t so good on Saturday as Hurricane Oscar decided to pay the Atlantic coast a visit. But that didn’t stop me […]

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Welcome To My Humble Abode


Gibberish That’s pretty much all I can talk or think at the moment cos I’ve spent this whole week working damn hard to get the new BKSIC Member’s Area all cleaned up, vacuumed, dusted, new sheets… the works cos I want you to feel totally at home in there… I’ve worked until 10pm every damn […]

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“Brilliant Concept”


^^^ That’s what one of my mates said yesterday This is a guy who I know from a lot of the strength training courses and certifications over the years (so you could say he knows what he’s talking about) And he’s NAILS So when I posted a picture showing how the BKS Online Nutrition System […]

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I Can Save You Time

Getting back in shape isn’t easy It took me 10 years of trial and error before I got any meaningful results and I want to help you avoid doing the same Which is why I made ==> THIS VIDEO yesterday and posted it into the private FB group It explains WHY you find it hard […]

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Dear What’s Your Name

personal trainer bath

If you’ve read the last couple of emails you should by now have a clear idea of what you want and why… Which brings me to the next bit What to do about it Well… You could go and chat to someone at a commercial gym where they won’t care about anything I helped you […]

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I Think This Will Help You

kettlebell bath

If you need a hand with motivation, here’s something that I think you’ll find helpful It certainly works for me and the fellas I train Assuming you want to lose a few pounds while regaining your mobility and getting super strong in the process I shall answer these questions on your behalf (but obviously this […]

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