Are You Selfish Enough?

How was your weekend?

Did you get to do anything YOU wanted to do?

Or were you ferrying the kids around to
whatever activities they decided they
‘needed’ to be part of over the school

^^^ Busy time innit dude?

Especially since you still have to work for a

So you’re constantly doing stuff for people
at work

Keeping the customers happy

Your boss happy

Then at the weekend you got to keep the kids

Maybe see some friends (when you can squeeze
em in)

Perhaps even spend some time with the Mrs

^^^ Assuming everything else has been taken
care of

But what about YOU

When do YOU get some time?

I used to really struggle with this one…

I thought if I ever did anything purely for
myself then it was selfish…

Which is bad right

Bad Bad Bad

But then I realises something

If I don’t spend any time for myself

I get pissed off



I take it out on everyone else

^^^ Cos they’ve taken up all of my time
leaving nothing left for me

Does that still sound selfish dude?

Well then consider this

If you manage to get some time

Even a small amount

Like say…

3 Hours Per Week (which isn’t really that

Considering how much time you spend on
keeping everyone else happy…

Which is Waaaaaayyyy more than 3 hours right

If you manage to get 3 hours per week
focusing on YOU

Especially if these 3 hours made you feel
fitter and stronger

Helped you sleep

Made you move without pain…

–> How would that make you show up around
everyone else demanding your time…

More relaxed

More ‘easy going’

More helpful

Easier to be around

^^^ Sound about right?

Well you’re in luck my man

Cos 3 hours is all you need to put aside for
the 14 day trial

For 2 weeks

That’s it

I couldn’t make it more simple if I tried…

So you have ZERO excuses…

Just do it v v v

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p.s. If you can still make excuses…

Then maybe you should find something that
will work for you while spending ZERO time on

^^^ Good luck with that by the way v v v






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