Are You Eating Frankenfood

Did you see this article last week

Turns out you could be eating close to ZERO ‘food’

Which is why this whole ‘Clean Eating’ thing is a bit

Cos if you ‘think’ you have a good diet then this may
make you think otherwise

Now if you DO eat well (which I hear guys say to me all
the time)

And you’re still a bit (or even a lot) bigger than you
want to be

I want you to consider one of two things

1) Are there any ‘hidden’ calories in your diet

– Sugary Fizzy Drinks

– So called ‘healthy’ snack bars

– Biscuits

– Chocolate

– ‘Reduced Fat’ ready meals

^^^ ok these may not seem to be hidden but…

Do you sometimes just have these without thinking about
it (therefore forgetting it even happened)

Then wonder why you have to let your belt out another

2) How MUCH do you eat

Do you eat what you would call a ‘healthy’ diet…

All made from scratch cooked in healthy fats with a
knob of butter

Then stacked onto your plate

^^^ This is what I do by the way (but I only eat 2
meals a day)

But if you do this for Breakfast, lunch AND dinner

With a sticky bun when you get your 11am ‘low’

And then maybe a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar
(which aren’t as big as they used to be) when you have
your 3pm lull

That adds up to a LOT of food throughout the day…

So here’s a quick guide for you

Eat this much per meal

PROTEIN – 2 palms

FAT – 2 Thumbs

CARBS – 2 cupped hands

VEG – 2 fists

Half of that if you’re a lady

And wallop

You’ll be on the market for a new pair of trousers in
no time

If that seems a bit difficult to grasp though

Cos you know yourself only too well and will ignore
everything I’ve just said

Which is what I did myself for 15 years

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p.s. Read the article please 🙂






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