Are You A Pill Popper?

Do you take medication for

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol


If so this will ASTOUND you…

See one of the fellas used to take TWELVE
pills a day

^^^ Yep you read that right

That’s a lot to remember dude…

And a lot to be carrying around in your
little pill popper in your pocket…

But since this fella joined BKS last year…

He’s reduced his blood pressure to a normal

He’s back within the safe levels of

And he’s on only ONE pill per day

ALL without changing very much at all…

He does regular exercise

And watches what he eats

(which isn’t always good)

But MOST of the time it is

Now if that’s too difficult for you

Then the pills will help (with side effects)

But so will my online program

(Where the only ‘side’ effect is losing the
love handles)

^^^ Get it?

GET IT v v v

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p.s. If you’re on pills now you can probably
add a couple a year…

So by the time you’re 60 you’ll probably need
a basket to carry em round in

Which is cool cos you get one on the front of
your mobility scooter…

Oh yes I did just do that…






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