Any Questions?

So I’ve had a few questions

Mainly from fellas who haven’t taken action

(I do get a lot of questions from the fellas
on the inside by the way)

They know it’s ALWAYS best to aks

Cos someone else will be thinking the same
thing (but be afraid to look stoopid)

So the ones who do step up help EVERYONE

Which is how this all works

But if you really want to know

What Bulletproof Mindset is…

You can find out here v v v

This is where the guys who’ve already asked
to join are hanging out…

It’s where the guys who were on the last
Bulletproof Mindset are too…

So you can ask them PERSONALLY what they
got out of it

Just in case it IS for you

They’ll be happy to tell you all about it
(and the difference it’s made to their

To help you

– Spend less time at work (so you have more
time with the family)

– Fire up your relationships with your family
and friends (so you’re not constantly
apologising to the kids for being late)

– Create space and time to think (so you
don’t end up sleepwalking into more decisions
you’ll only regret in the future)

– Get fitter, stronger & healthier (without
having to do stupid amounts of exercise)

– Have more time for YOURSELF (so you can do
the things you’ve been putting off for years
to please everyone else)

– Crush overwhelm from being so burnt-out all
the time

^^^ This is just some of the feedback I’ve
had from the fellas who were there

There’s no risk to you dude


So why not just dip your toe in and have a

If it’s not for you that’s cool…

You can leave straight away

But if it IS for you

If you’re ANYTHING like the fellas in there

You’ll be sorry you didn’t step up sooner


p.s. Tomorrow’s email will be a bit

and requires some fast fingers

so keep your eyes open for that one dude

Unless you’re already totally satisfied with
where you’re at right now

Which is cool

You don’t need me





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