Another Sure Fire Way To Lose Weight [YAWN]

I have a foolproof way for you to get ‘in shape’

And by In Shape I mean losing weight

Not getting fitter

Not getting stronger

But you will build antibodies to boost your immune



Find a public toilet…

Preferably one on the way to work so you don’t have to
go out of your way…

Or even better… you can use the ones at work

Cos if they’re anything like the ones where I used to
spend most of my life…


Let’s just say I often wondered what some people’s
houses must look like

Especially when it looked like they’d attached a
sprinkler to their hoop while using the bog…


It turns out this will be the bet sort of convenience
for you to use…

So what do you do…


Every day go to your chosen convenience

And lick the floor (just the once should do it)

And hey presto

In a couple of weeks you will have lost a ton of weight

(Now I know you’re not daft enough to go and do this)

But just to cover my own arse… I’M JOKING

Thing is though

This is just as good a solution as wearing that
ridiculous headset I mentioned yesterday

Or starving yourself dizzy

Or drinking that frickin’ ‘Smart’ water stuff (whatever
that is)

See there are folk out there who are looking for the
easiest way out of any situation

But when it comes to your health and fitness

There is no quick way

You have to take responsibility for yourself and get

You have to be honest with yourself about how much you

And how little exercise you do

Once you can do that you’re already on to a winner

But it’s tough to do on your own

Which is why I want to help you

(especially since I’ve got the results for myself so
know how it works)

^^^ Which is also clearly visible with all of the
fellas I’ve helped over the years

So instead of wasting your money on cheap (or even
expensive) gimmicks that will end up in a cupboard

Why not try to take responsibility for yourself?

It’s way more empowering to improve your health through
informed decisions

Than it is to keep on trying the quick and easy
solutions that haven’t worked for you so far

This is why I created my S T R O N G – Dad program

Starting on 5 February

It’ll get you waaaay better results over 3 months than
trying to hit all of your weight loss targets in one

As well as giving you the feeling of satisfaction that
you managed to stick to something

To see it through

With my help and the help of the other fellas here at

So if you want to make the next 3 months the start of
your healthier self

All you have to do is hit the link below and apply

==> Apply to be a S T R O N G – Dad


p.s. Just to cover my own arse again

DON’T lick the floor of the toilets at work…

Although it will work for fat loss 😉






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