Another Happy Customer [Cheers Dave]

I was gonna bang on about stuff as usual
today but then this popped up on Google…

It’s the latest review from Dave Voss…


“I was looking for something to help with my
general level of fitness which, at 42 years
of age left was something of a concern to me.

I have heard good things about Peter’s
approach to building fitness and strength
and, having taken the 2 week trial and now
having signed up as a full member, these
proved to be correct.

I have to be honest that initially I had few
doubts about about how effective and
enjoyable the sessions would be, but even at
7am in the morning the sessions are varied
and already are having some very positive
effects both physically and mentally –

I think the outdoor setting contributes
significantly to this. I start the day
feeling good about myself and Peter is always
encouraging and runs varied sessions based
around the individual.

The peer and online support is also great
which for a novice like me was very
important. If you have any doubts I would
certainly recommend speaking with Peter and
giving the 2 week trial a go.


Don’t know if I need to add any more to that
really dude…

‘cept to say…

You can jump on the 14 day trial here v v v

5 Spaces available…

And it starts THIS MONDAY..

Still time my friend…


p.s. Nothing more to add…






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