Annoying Email

That’s me told innit…

Apparently I send too many emails

Which is cool if you think that too…

I’m rather persistent

But then this is how I make a living (so I have to show
up EVERY day)

Kinda like you do at work

^^^ Because if you DON’T show up every day

You’ll soon get fired

And then how do you pay for stuff?

Yep – you show up because it’s important

And because you’re there every day you get better at
your job

Which leads to promotion

More money

More responsibility

Which feels good right ๐Ÿ™‚

This is why I find it funny when someone who
unsubscribes with the message that I send too many

You ended up here for a reason

Something isn’t working for you right now

For some reason whatever you’re doing to get fitter
stronger and healthier isn’t working

Which is why you downloaded my book

And if you’ve used it you’ll already be feeling a damn
sight fitter and stronger

If You HAVEN’T used it however

And you’re sick of these emails

I have a question for you

HOW are you gonna get in shape?

Cos downloading a book and not using it isn’t the

^^^ What’s in the book is GOLD by the way

There’s so much in there to keep you going

If you do something 4-5 times per week from this book
you’ll feel grrrrreat

If not

Then you’re probably the type of person who wants this
to happen by magic

^^^ Which is why there are a lot of folk out there who
are out of shape and can’t work out why

See I want to help you

Which is why I’m here every day

Cos CONSISTENCY is the key to success

It would be pointless me emailing you once a year in
January to see if you want to get started again

It would also be pointless of me to give you a hundred
different choices of what to do

^^^ Cos then you could make the excuse that you don’t
know where to start

When I’ve shown you EXACTLY where

With my book

So dip into it again and do something

You never know

You might just love it


p.s. if you do happen to love what’s in those there

Then you’re DEFINITELY gonna love my upcoming online

Starting in February

But there are only 9 spaces left at the introductory

And this is the closest you’ll get to working with me
In Person

^^^ Which I’ve heard produces outstanding results by
the way

But then I would say that wouldn’t I

Which is why I post this stuff all over social media

So you can make your own decision

p.p.s Have a look at what I mean

Then hit reply and tell me you want in ๐Ÿ™‚





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