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I Will Help You Achieve A Super Strong Athletic Body Without Having To Sharpen Your Elbows To Get On A Sweaty Piece Of Kit - Here’s Why

So you joined a gym with the intention of getting fitter but you realized you have no clue what to do.

You were dazzled by the shiny equipment. You were intimidated by the other members who seemed to know what they were doing. You noticed that there was no space on any of the equipment as it was just too damn busy. So you hit the treadmill.

You pounded away staring at the blank wall for as long as you thought prudent. It worked for a while but your interest waned and your visits became increasingly infrequent

During this time of absentia did your concerned gym call you to find out if there was a problem?

Not even once?

So how do I know all of this? Well this was me for 10 years <-- (I know)

I’m here to prevent you from making the same balls ups that I made during that time but let me start before that, when life was much simpler

You will not hear that I was athletic at school. You will not hear that I have always been fit and healthy. You will certainly not hear about how I was captain of every sports team.

During my younger years I drank a lot, smoked a lot and set out on a life of debauchery that would last for the next 20 years....

bent press

I started smoking weed when I was 14.... about the same time I started drinking.....

I did ok at school...... went to Uni to study maths..... drank and smoked a lot and came out with a respectable degree (I still don’t know how that happened)

I returned home to Newcastle and got a desk job working for the electricity board.

Moved down south with work and carried on drinking and smoking a lot. In my mid 20s I decided to give exercise a try.... I hit the rowing machine and managed 8 minutes before collapsing on the floor in a quivering mess (not a good start)

The next 10 years were spent striving to drink less, smoke less and become healthy. I drank the same, smoked the same, ate the same but exercised a bit..... which got me a bit fitter..... but not a lot (kind of where you are now right?)

I met my beautiful wife Alex during this time. She was a huge influence on my life from then on.

She got me into kettlebell training after I’d seen the benefits of what it had done for her (you should get your wife into it by the way… trust me)

I went along to a session with her where we did an inordinate amount of squats.... I couldn't walk for four days after... She was fine and told me to man up (and stop whining… which didn’t work by the way)

I was 35 and decided it was time to take hold of my life. I sought help with my health and fitness dropped nearly 3 stones in weight in 3 months and gained strength comparable to that of a dung beetle

I then made it my mission to help guys like you - who simply don’t have the time (or inclination) to live in the gym (like some trainers would demand)

Screw that right. You have a life to live. You want to be strong fit and healthy but you don’t want to sacrifice everything to get there. Well luckily you don’t have to my man. I learned from guys who've spent over 30 years in the business and are considered the best in the world in strength & conditioning training. They collectively taught me how to make training as simple and effective as possible. The simpler the better as far as you're concerned right?

I designed a system that requires only 3 hours per week to get you strong lean and (dare I say)…. Nails

You turn up… get it done… and leave feeling more energised than you did at the beginning and you don’t have to worry about queueing up for expensive gimmicky equipment that won’t help you anyway

So if you want to achieve superior strength and stamina (like I did) and learn the principles behind how I did it so you can use them for yourself to ensure your continuing progress even after the program has finished

If you’re ready to take on the challenge and become incredibly strong and lean

If you’ve had quite enough of reading all of this rubbish and just want to get stuck in

Then take the 2 week trial and lose up to 4kg with a nutrition guide & learn the basics of my simple but hugely effective system