"Able to play with my kids longer" - Bath Kettlebell Society

“Able to play with my kids longer”

kettlebell bath

Get into a lot of conversations with fellas me…

Sometimes they approach me in the park just to find out a bit
more about what we do

One such fella is Byron

He came over to talk to me a few weeks back (he’d already heard
about us but thought he’d take the opportunity to find out a bit

We talked for 15 – 20 mins

Since then he’s become a BKS member… and here’s what his
experience has been so far

kettlebell bath

If that sounds like something that might work for you

The STRONG DAD online program is open to you RIGHT NOW

==> You can apply by CLICKING HERE

I’ll get on the phone to you and we can see if it’s for you or

(chances are if you’re here reading this then it probably is)



p.s. Got another review for you tomorrow




Peter Lant

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