A Professional What?

My professionalism was questioned the other day

It was on a post on Farcebook where you can get access
to my Free 101 Swing Workouts book

^^^ The one that brought you here

Here’s what the fella had to say

“I always wonder why professionals don’t want you to
know about it. And yet the guy telling us wants us to
believe he’s a professional.”

So I read that as a little dig at my professionalism
(but I might be wrong)

It’s hard to tell what people mean on social media as
you can’t hear the tone of their voice


Here was my response

“Depends what you class as a professional…

If it’s someone who just makes you sweat then puke in a
bucket then I am not that person


If it’s someone who has spent many years learning (and
still continuing to) so I can teach people how to use
weights safely and effectively while improving mobility
so there’s more chance of being able to move well into
old age … while minimising the risk of injury

Then YES I am a professional

That’s why this book has progressions at the start to
make sure you are using the kettlebell safely… and if
you’re not ready for that yet there’s a link to my
Kettlebell Swing book which starts you from the very
beginning and teaches you how to perform the swing

And if that isn’t enough you get FREE support via my
online group where I’ve helped hundreds of people

See there are loads of people out there who can put you
through a ‘hard workout’

Who can make you sweaty and out of breath

But to be frank… ANYONE can do that

All it involves is standing and shouting at you to
‘keep going’

‘Dig deep’

And all the other fitness clichés too numerous to

But there are few trainers who will actually start you
from where you are at right now

Who will spend the time to help you with movement
patterns so you can move without pain

Who know how to progress movement patterns safely so
you can then become stronger (with minimal risk of

Trainers who can spot the warning signs of mobility
blocks and refer you to someone who can help

Well guess what…

I am one of those trainers

I’ve spent many years learning how to make myself

Along with hundreds of fellas like you

All it takes is a bit of patience and a clear process
to follow

That and knowing you’re not alone (which is why BKS is
based around group training)

Without losing the personal approach

This is why I only open up spaces to fellas who are
committed to getting stronger fitter and healthier

Fellas who actually WANT to get better

And not just have a sweaty workout

So if that’s you

If YOU are the type of fella who wants to finally get
back in shape

WITHOUT getting injured (again)

Then the BKS 14 day trial is just for you

There’s only a couple of spaces left

And today is the last chance to grab one

==> SECURE YOUR SPOT on the BKS 14 day trial



p.s. If you do just want to get sweaty and puke in a

Then I’m not your man

So you might as well unsubscribe





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