A Pound A Pint!

When I were a lad…

I worked behind a bar in Newcastle

Used to LOVE it… was a right good laugh

During the week it used to be a pound a pint…

^^^ Those were the days…

I was reminded of this while waiting for a delayed train on

I went to a pub cos I had an hour and a half to kill

Haven’t been to a pub with doormen for ages… don’t really have
em on the ‘old man’s beer pubs’ that I drink in

Now the doormen at the place I used to work were rather large

Except one…

He was small and lean

The others were fellas who looked like they were made of

^^^ Proper gym rats

They ‘Looked’ the part

But this ‘Little’ fella was the one I would have been most wary
of if I was a rowdy customer

He. Was. NAILS

You could see it in his eyes

But while I saw the other fellas getting aggressive with some
drunken revellers

This guy was totally composed…

He had nothing to prove… He just knew if he was needed he would
be rather effective

Basically… he was Strong As Fook

Stronger than he looked… (which is way better than looking
stronger than you are as far as I’m concerned)

Now you may have seen a bunch of body transformation packages
kicking about tinterweb

The ones that will get you ripped in 12 weeks…

And some of them are very good… (but 99% of them have the
potential to put you off of fitness forever)

Which is why I’m not bothered about being shredded…

I just want to get you as STRONG as you can be (which is a LOT
stronger than you think by the way dude)

^^^ Seriously…

You’ve seen how strong the fellas (and a couple of ladies) are
who see me in person…

And I did a video yesterday about one of the guys on the STRONG
DAD program

==> Which you can apply for right here by the way

They all look ‘normal’…

But these days normal isn’t what it used to be

We’re getting weaker by the generation… which is a problem that
costs the NHS more money every year

Hip & knee replacements

Diabetes treatment

Gastric bands

Heart disease




The list goes on dude

If you’re NOT exercising then you’re at risk of developing AT
LEAST one of these conditions (if not more)

I’m not saying this to scare you (mainly because you already know
the risks)

But for some reason you keep on putting it off

Which will certainly catch up with you at some point

It’s time to buck the trend my good man

Stop being normal



p.s. Or at least go for a walk in this nice weather 🙂





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