A Month Without Progress [Does This Even Work]

Every couple of weeks I jump on a Skype call

It’s part of the STRONG DAD Ultimate package

Which you can see more about here

==> STRONG DAD Online program

The folk on there at the moment have ALL been struggling with
something (and have often thought of jacking it all in and going
back to where they were)

But then after a little bit of a pep talk they make a few

One of em felt like they had made ZERO progress in the last month

But when we looked at the measurements we realised that ANOTHER
3.5 inches had disappeared from around the waist

So let’s just look at this for a moment…

After month one this person had lost 1.5 inches and was feeling
pretty damn good about it

At the end of month two they felt like there was a lack of

But when you look at the results there was actually WAY MORE
progress in the second month

Losing a whopping 5 inches from the waist in 2 months (now you
must agree that this is impressive)

THIS is why it’s good to have someone (or better yet a group of
someones) to keep you accountable

Cos I have zero doubt that some of the folk on this program would
have given up without the support of the community

^^^ I know this cos they told me exactly that

See the human mind is a funny thing…

On paper you can be doing outstandingly well… but for some
reason your brain won’t let you be happy about it…

Your own thoughts seem to be against you… almost WANTING you to
fail (we are our own biggest critics after all)

So when I hear on a Skype call

“I don’t give myself enough credit”

I totally get where this person is coming from… cos I used to
feel the same way

Is it all worth it

What if I fail

I’ve never been strong so why should it matter

I’m happy being out of shape

I don’t deserve to look after myself — (this is a big one for

I’m just not a very fit person

I’m too old

All of these things pop up from time to time to give you the
excuse to give up and go back to how you felt when you made the
decision that you were SICK AND TIRED of being out of shape and
NOW was the time to do something about it

The funny thing is… you usually let these thoughts win

The reason why?

Because you think you’re the only one who thinks these thoughts

So what if I told you that EVERYONE has these thoughts …


This is why being part of a group of folk who are ready to put
these thoughts aside once and for all

To FINALLY get in shape and sod what anyone else thinks


It’s why the STRONG DAD online program is so effective

Cos it’s not just about doing a bit of exercise here and there

It’s about overcoming all of the BS you’ve been telling yourself
for the past god knows how many years about why you should worry
about everyone but yourself

If that all makes perfect sense to you then it probably means you
would be a good fit for the program

In which case you can apply here

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If you DON’T think this applies to you though then you definitely
WON’T be a good fit for this program (or any other programs I
have to offer)

So it’s probably time for us to part ways

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