A Golden Opportunity

It’s dark

It’s cold

And it’s ALL OVER for another year

I for one am raring to go

I love getting everyone back on it after a couple of
weeks off

EVERYONE wants to just get on with it

They all show up having missed the energy the sessions
give them…

I hear from the online guys about how this month’s
program is gonna pan out for them

And the folks who started the 5 Day Kettlebell Fat
Funeral yesterday are already way ahead of everyone
else who’re gonna start NEXRT WEEK

And that may be you

Which is cool

Cos I’m opening up a couple more spots to train with me

In Person

You’ll get the opportunity to BE PART of BKS

But only if you’re SERIOUS about getting in shape

Cos me and the guys have put a LOT of time and effort
into making BKS the best damn STRENGTH place to be

^^^ Which is why it’s NOT for everyone

So I have one question for you

Are you SERIOUS about getting in shape starting NEXT

And I Mean


If so

Then hit reply to this email and tell me you want a

The email will go directly to me

And you’ll be in with a chance of grabbing one of ONLY
TWO spaces




p.s. I’m waiting





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