61 Year Old Snatch

BKS’ most senior (oldest) member is 61 years old

And he’s NAILS

When Rob joined not long after his 60th birthday he suffered from
a sore lower back

He struggle to see over his shoulder to reverse out of his

Yet during his 2 week trial at BKS he was astounded at how much
stronger he felt


That was about 14 months ago

Which is why I think you’ll be astounded at this v v v

This is Rob… Rob is 61 years young… Rob does things HIS way…Rob finished 100 snatches non-stop today… Bonny did it with him… just cos… this is why I LOVE BKS… our members are there to support each other…#club100

Posted by Peter Lant on Monday, 16 July 2018

Impressive right… and he made it look easy

Chances are you’re a similar age to me… I’m 41 by the way

So your Dad is probably just a little bit older than Rob…

(Unless your folks had kids a bit later like mine… my Dad would
have been 80 this month)


Could your Dad do this?

If so then great… can YOU do this?

Now you may be thinking WHY do I need to be able to do this…

And the truth is … you don’t


Remember what I said about Rob’s back and neck…

Building the strength and fitness to be able to chuck a bell
around like this has given Rob the freedom to move well again

It’s given him the strength to get rid of his back problems

And he started in his 60s

So imagine what you’ll be like at his age if you start NOW…

I for one want to be able to do MORE than this at his age

Mainly cos I want to be active during my retirement…

I want to be the cool old fella who can still touch his toes at

Who can still snatch a kettlebell at 90


But it won’t happen sitting on your arse dude

It’s time to get up and get at it (whatever that means)

Time to set a positive example to your kids and SHOW them what a
STRONG DAD really looks like

Which is why I want YOU to be one of the five guys on the next
STRONG DAD program

To apply?


I’ll get back to you and answer any questions you may have

And before you know it you’ll be well on your way to reversing
everything you’ve neglected over the last 20 years…



p.s. Go Rob….




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