60 Year Old Man Lifts 12 TONS

The fellas here at BKS never cease to amaze

Or themselves (I might add)

And last week was certainly no exception

I was chatting with Rob after the lunchtime
session last Friday

And he told me a story

He was on holiday with his wife a few years

And she wanted to go and see a castle

Problem was

they’d been waking all day

And said castle was up a mahoosive steep

So Rob thought they should give it a miss

Cos he didn’t want to damage his already
aching hip…

^^^ Same ever happened to you dude…

If so consider this

Rob is 60 years old

And about 10 mins before he told me this

He had just shifted TWELVE TONS of metal

^^^ 600 swings

In the space of an hour

Now that’s a lot of work in ANYONE’S book

But I think you’ll agree that this is pretty
damn amazing…

Especially considering he’s probably older
that you are right now

Yet he hasn’t used that as an excuse

So if you are using your age to hold you back

The I would have you consider you’re stopping
yourself from getting in shape

When Rob is proof that you can do it

You can hear more about this sort of stuff

While getting some help from yours truly

In the FREE Farcebook group

Bath Kettlebell ‘Secret’ Society

^^^ Just click on that link

And follow the instructions


p.s. Nothing here today dude

Just read all of that again





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