S T R O N G -> Dads Do It Online

^^^ Might get some bumper stickers done to that effect


You may still wonder what the difference is between
working with me online compared to in person

You may think you get LESS value out of being an online
S T R O N G -> Dad

But that’s not true

And here’s why

So when you see me in person I am with you EVERY

And the guys who do train with my BKS groups absolutely
LOVE this

It keep them committed to the program while hanging out
with guys just like them who have a great laugh

The problem with this is that you have to be able to
turn up at a specific day and time

And for some fellas that’s just not possible

Which is why with the S T R O N G -> Dad online program
I have addressed this for you

The workouts can be done when YOU want to do them

You fit them around YOUR current lifestyle (and there’s
no travel involved since you can do all of the workouts
at home… which is what I’ve done for the last 3

And is what the guys at BKS do if they have to miss a

Oh and if you happen to miss a workout then that’s cool

It won’t stop your progress

Cos I get that some days you’ll just get SWAMPED with
work or the kids will demand ALL of your time

^^^ Which is when you’ll ditch a workout to spend time
with them (understandable really cos they won’t be this
young forever)

And that’s why you can catch up the workouts on another

Or even at weekends

Cos there’ll only be 3 per week (unless you want more)

And they’ll be less than an hour if needs be (again…
this program is designed for YOU and YOUR current

So that gives you plenty of time to ‘catch-up’

And all of the other stuff that comes with it can be
done on the hoof

You can log your workouts and nutrition via the app (so
can do it on your phone at your desk)

^^^ And when I say log nutrition I don’t mean

You just need to log it as a ‘Good’ Day or not

The more ‘good’ days the better

Which allows you to fall off the wagon sometimes (cos
this will happen)

I could go on but I think you get the idea

This program is for YOU and no-one else

So if it sounds like something you can’t do without

Then I’ve made it super simple for you to apply

You just hit the link below


And fill in the application…


p.s. Any questions?





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